Psoriasis of the Penis

  • Danya Reich
  • Corinna Eleni Psomadakis
  • Bobby Buka


A 31-year-old sexually active male visited Primary Care for evaluation of erythematous raised plaques on his penis. The plaques’ appearance was consistent with psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated condition that occurs due to increased production of keratinocytes. The excess skin cells build up and form erythematous patches with silvery scale. Psoriasis can affect any part of the body; however, it most frequently affects the extensor surfaces of knees and elbows, intergluteal cleft, and scalp. The initial onset of psoriasis may occur after a trigger event such as trauma or infection, and the penis is frequently the first affected site. Mild psoriasis of the penis can be managed with mild corticosteroids. More severe or wide spread psoriasis warrants consultation with a dermatologist, and may require management with stronger corticosteroids, vitamin D derivatives, or UVB phototherapy.


Psoriasis Penis Plaques Genital Immune Inflammation Pruritus Corticosteroids 


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