Tinea Pedis

  • Danya Reich
  • Corinna Eleni Psomadakis
  • Bobby Buka


Tinea pedis is a common condition seen in primary care. It is a dermatophyte infection of the skin of the foot that causes scaling, itching, flaking, and maceration. Tinea pedis is often accompanied by onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the toenail(s), which can serve as a reservoir for subsequent reinfection of the skin. When the two conditions are seen together, it is best to treat both. Tinea pedis is typically a clinical diagnosis. The condition is treated with topical antifungals of the allylamine or azole class. Oral antifungals may be considered in recalcitrant or recurrent cases. Prophylactic measures such as wearing sandals in public pools and showers may help to minimize the risk of reinfection.


Fungus Fungal Dermatophyte Athlete’s foot Onychomycosis Maceration Interdigital Antifungal Clotrimazole Terbinafine 


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