Knee Arthritis in Ex-Footballers

  • Stefano ZaffagniniEmail author
  • Tommaso Roberti di Sarsina
  • F. Raggi
  • A. Grassi
  • T. Bonanzinga
  • G. Marcheggiani Muccioli
  • M. Marcacci


Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. Being exposed to high-intensity and prolonged sports activity, footballers are particularly vulnerable to osteoarthritis as a long-term effect of such vigorous physical stress, resulting in irreversible pathological changes in affected joints.

The main symptoms are joint pain, stiffness, dysfunction, instability, deformity, swelling, and crepitus. Those symptoms can be presented early in an athlete career and lead to sport dismissal.

The etiology of osteoarthritis is multifactorial and not fully understood.

In this chapter we are focusing on those mechanical factors that accelerate such process.

We will go through malalignment, loss of meniscal tissue, cartilage defects, and joint instability, focusing on conservative or surgical treatment and on the impact of such treatment on return to sport.


Knee Footballers Varus knee Malalignment Meniscal loss 


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