PRP in Football Players

  • Ramon CugatEmail author
  • Xavier Cusco
  • Roberto Seijas
  • Pedro Alvarez
  • Gilbert Steinbacher
  • Marta Rius


Football is played by approximately 5 % of the Spanish population aged between 15 and 35 years old and regulated by the Spanish Football Federation. This high prevalence also carries a high rate of associated injuries. The Catalan Soccer Federation is a sports association in the autonomous region of Catalonia, Spain, with more than 140,000 members. Approximately 22,000 injuries occur annually among members of the Federation, most of which are muscle, ankle, and knee lesions. The Mutualitat de Futbolistes is an organization within the Catalan Soccer Federation that provides health insurance coverage for all soccer-related injuries sustained by federated soccer players in Catalonia. The idiosyncrasy of the patient in a sport like football involves diagnosis and management of the markedly different injuries when compared to the occasional athlete. The three most common injuries treated at the Mutualitat de Futbolistes are muscle, ankle, and knee injuries [109].


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