Shoulder Injuries in Goalkeepers

  • Raffaele Garofalo
  • Piero Volpi
  • Giacomo Delle Rose
  • Dario Pitino
  • Alessandro CastagnaEmail author


Soccer is the world’s game, played by more than 120 million people around the world. Soccer is a contact sport characterised by short and quick movements such as sprinting, sudden acceleration or deceleration, cutting, pivoting, shooting and kicking. Tackling and collision are also common [1]. Shoulder injuries in soccer are not nearly as common as lower limb injuries such as the hip, knee or ankle. The incidence in the reported literature is approximately in a percentage between 2 % and 13 % of all football injuries [11, 17]. However, shoulder injuries are generally more serious than many of the other more common injuries sustained and result in a longer off-play time than other joint injuries.


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