Nonlinear Quadrotor Control with Online Model Identification

  • Peng LuEmail author
  • Erik-Jan van Kampen
  • Qiping P. Chu
Conference paper


This paper proposes a new Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) system for quadrotorswhich are subjected to actuator loss of effectiveness faults. The proposed FTC system is composed of three subsystems: the state estimation, the loss of effectiveness estimation and the Backstepping (BS) controller. A new method to estimate the loss of effectiveness online is proposed, which can provide fault information for the controller to achieve fault tolerant control. The performance of the FTC system is validated using two different simulations: position control of the quadrotor in the presence and absence of actuator faults. The simulation results show that the proposed system can enable the quadrotor to maintain the flight even all the four rotors fail consecutively, which demonstrate its satisfactory performance.


Unman Aerial Vehicle Inertial Measurement Unit Angular Rate Actuator Fault Fault Tolerant Control 
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