Standards for Accountability in the Cloud

  • Alain PannetratEmail author
  • Jesus Luna
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This paper examines the role of standards in the cloud with a particular focus on accountability, in the context of the A4Cloud Project (Accountability for the Cloud). To this end, we first provide a general overview of standards, what they are and how we can categorize them, as illustrated by a few cloud-specific examples. Next, we examine the intersection between standards and accountability, by highlighting how standards influence the A4Cloud Project and reciprocally how the A4Cloud Project aims to influence accountability related standards. We argue that specification standards can foster interoperability for the purpose of accountability, thereby making accountability more automated and pervasive. Finally, we take a closer look at a particular accountability requirement: the continuous monitoring of the compliance of cloud services. This is an area of great interest for standardization, which faces many research challenges.


Cloud Standards Accountability Interoperability Security Monitoring 


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