Sci-Fi and I: Science Fiction from a Personal Perspective

  • Jayant V. Narlikar
Part of the Science and Fiction book series (SCIFICT)


My childhood was spent literally amongst books. My father, a mathematics professor could not resist the temptation of acquiring books, whether from bookshops, by mail order, or from a door- to-door salesman. So these purchases would turn up eventually in tall shelves with glass doors and the wall space would in due course be taken over by new shelves. The shelves were too tall for me and I carry a bitter memory of a misadventure at the age of four. While practising long jumps in front of a book shelf, I exceeded my normal range with the result that my right foot crashed through a glass door. I still carry recollections of being taken to the university hospital, where a kind-looking doctor transformed into a source of terror as he produced a sharp tong-like implement and proceeded to remove glass pieces from my bleeding foot.


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