Part-Aware Distance Fields for Easy Inbetweening in Arbitrary Dimensions

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The motivation for this work is to explore a possible computer graphics application for a part aware distance field developed recently. Computing in-between shapes is chosen as a toy application. Rather than presenting a highly competitive scheme which continuously morphs one shape into another, our aim is to investigate whether in-betweens may be defined as ordinary averages once a proper shape representation (e.g. a part aware field) is established. The constructions are independent of the dimension of the space in which the shape is embedded as well as the number of shapes to be averaged.


Shape Boundary Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix Euclidean Distance Function Flat Mode Homogeneous Dirichlet Condition 
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I thank M. Genctav for providing a faster code for the ω-field computation. The work is funded by TUBITAK 112E208.


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