Toward a Spatial Monitoring and Evaluation System, Collecting Indicators to Map and Measure

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  • Marina Faber
  • Arlene Herbst
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Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) facilitates the establishment of transboundary protected areas in southern Africa. Focus is on ten Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) contributing over 60 million hectares toward conservation estate. Stakeholders of the TFCA process include government officials, wildlife agencies, private entities, and local communities. To advocate, plan and manage TFCAs, emphasis is placed on spatial planning. Timeous information sharing and reporting is paramount to the process. geoMEtri, an add-in residing in ArcGIS Explorer, was developed by PPF as a result of the identified need for collecting standardized spatial data indicators for effective management and decision support. geoMEtri provides for the capture of indicators across various disciplines including human–wildlife conflict; crimes against wildlife; species observations; socioeconomic indicators; marine monitoring; as well as various management and infrastructure-related aspects, such as alien plant management and weather recordings. To ease the work flow, the system allows for direct importation of Global Positioning System (GPS) data. geoMEtri databases are backed-up and can be shared among users of the software. A central data repository operates as the hub for all incoming data and the redistribution thereof. Process models are used to analyze data which are incorporated into map services which in turn can be consumed by the users of the software with an internet connection. Reporting of data is also offered in various formats, all geared to be visual and succinct. Offering standardized tools to all stakeholders in TFCAs and proposing a means of data collection, information management, and knowledge-based results goes a long way toward alleviating misperceptions which may exist between land use options. As technologies merge toward a connected environment based around the use of smart devices, combined with crowdsourcing a very exciting future exists for leveraging data and information capture and the sharing of these results via effective reporting tools. geoMEtri is in the process of being engineered for Android and iOS mobile platforms.


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