Measuring Information Quality of Geosocial Networks

  • Jiří KyselaEmail author
  • Josef Horálek
  • Filip Holík
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 598)


Geosocial networks are widespread adopted by tourists for the last years. These networks can replace tourist information center and play important information role in tourism. The main goal of this article is to get amount of coverage of geosocial networks to verify whether there is sufficiently reliable cloud information source for needs of tourism. This paper examines the coverage rate of points of interest used in tourism from Foursquare, Google+ and Facebook in the Czech Republic. Quality of information obtained from these geosocial networks is measured and compared with widely used map applications like Google Maps or local application


geosocial networks LBSN location based services LBS Foursquare Google+ Facebook 


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