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Bicliques with Minimal Data and Time Complexity for AES

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNSC,volume 8949)


In this paper, we re-evaluate the security-bound of full round AES against biclique attack. Under some reasonable restrictions, we exhaustively analyze the most promising class of biclique cryptanalysis as applied to AES through a computer-assisted search and find optimal attacks towards lowest computational and data complexities:

  • Among the attacks with the minimal data complexity of the unicity distance, the ones with computational complexity \(2^{126.67}\) (for AES-128), \(2^{190.9}\) (for AES-192) and \(2^{255}\) (for AES-256) are the fastest. Each attack just requires 2 (for AES-128 and AES-192) or 3 (for AES-256) known plaintexts for success probability 1. We obtain these results using the improved biclique attack proposed in Crypto’13.

  • Among the attacks with data complexity less than the full codebook, for AES-128, the ones of computational complexity \(2^{126.16}\) are fastest. Within these, the one with data complexity \(2^{64}\) requires the smallest amount of data. Thus, the original attack (with data complexity \(2^{88}\)) did not have the optimal data complexity for AES-128. Similar findings are observed for AES-192 as well (data complexity \(2^{48}\) as against \(2^{80}\) in the original attack). For AES-256, we find an attack that has a lower computational complexity of \(2^{254.31}\) as compared to the original attack complexity of \(2^{254.42}\).

  • Among all the attacks covered, the ones of computational complexity \(2^{125.56}\) (for AES-128), \(2^{189.51}\) (for AES-192) and \(2^{253.87}\) (for AES-256) are fastest, though requiring the full codebook. This can be considered as an indication of the limitations of the independent biclique attack approach as applied to AES.


  • Block ciphers
  • Biclique cryptanalysis
  • Meet-in-the-middle
  • Key recovery
  • Stars
  • AES-128
  • Minimum data complexity

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  1. 1.

    Such trails do not collapse into a single active byte in any of the key states.

  2. 2.

    Such trails do not collapse into a single active byte or two active bytes in any of the key states.

  3. 3.

    Here we consider double (\(i_1, i_2\)) as well as triple (\(i_1, i_2, i_3\)) difference injection in \(i\) trail such that all possible (\(i_1, i_2\)) / (\(i_1, i_2, i_3\)) columns have one zero byte/ two zero bytes respectively, after applying \(MixColumns^{-1}\).

  4. 4.

    One complete evaluation of AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 corresponds to 200, 224 and 276 S-boxes respectively.

  5. 5.

    In [8], the attack complexity for AES-128 is mentioned as \(2^{125.69}\), however we could not validate it. Our analysis estimates this complexity to be \(2^{125.98}\).


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