The Opera of Medicine

  • Michael S. KrasnerEmail author


The narrative The Opera of Medicine examines the mysterious relational aspects of the physician–patient connection. This mystery seems to arise out of some random and not-so-random happenstances, all of which reflect at some basic level the wholeness implicit in not only the patient but also the physician. This wholeness includes their histories, passions, splendors, and sufferings. Sister Josepha and her closest friend Norma meet Dr. Krasner in a setting designed to cultivate attention and awareness to the present moment. Within those early moments, and from that point forward, the past, present, and future of the doctor and the patients are interwoven, and the possibility for mutual healing arises naturally out of that fabric. The reader may wonder at moments who is healing whom? In the end, healing becomes a relational process, whose foundation is love.


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