Solar Cycle 24: 15 Nightly Projections

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Part of the Future City book series (FUCI, volume 5)


“Solar Cycle 24” is a public art installation with a focus on placemaking and digital aesthetics in the urban environment. Presented in a “nonart” venue, the temporary project coincided with the expected peak of an actively occurring astronomical event, solar cycle #24. This astronomical event is a recurring phenomenon of solar storms and the resulting spectacular activity of aurora borealis, or northern lights, which ebb and flow on 11-year cycles with high visibility around the North and South Poles. The installation “Solar Cycle 24” was an investigation of digital animation as public art with a focus on placemaking in the urban environment. Coproduced by the New York-based arts organization chashama, “Solar Cycle 24” was publicly visible between dusk and dawn between February 23 and March 10, 2013.


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