TOMS—Traffic Online Monitoring System for ITS Austria West

  • Karl-Heinz Kastner
  • Petru PauEmail author
Conference paper
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ITS Austria West is a long-term Austrian project whose goal is to continuously generate and publish real-time traffic data. TOMS—a traffic monitoring system developed in the frame of this project—integrates sensor data, coming in real time from various data sources, into periodical snapshots of the traffic situation. Our system relies heavily on the open source package SUMO to generate and maintain the road network and to simulate the traffic in order to obtain estimates for traffic values on roads that are not covered by sensors. Due to inaccuracies in the original demand model, a series of calibration steps are executed. The resulting demand model achieves an acceptable level of stability and conformity with the reality. A traffic simulation runs with this demand model in parallel with the traffic monitoring software and is continuously adjusted in order to comply with the current traffic situation, as reported by sensors.


Traffic monitoring Traffic simulation 


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