Advances in Knowledge Representation, Logic Programming, and Abstract Argumentation

Volume 9060 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 1-16

A Glimpse on Gerhard Brewka’s Contributions to Artificial Intelligence

  • Thomas EiterAffiliated withKnowledge-Based Systems Group, Vienna University of Technology
  • , Hannes StrassAffiliated withComputer Science Institute, Leipzig University
  • , Mirosław TruszczyńskiAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
  • , Stefan WoltranAffiliated withDatabase and Artificial Intelligence Group, Vienna University of Technology

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Gerhard Brewka has made a remarkable impact on artificial intelligence, especially in the area of knowledge representation, through his ideas, collaborations and mentoring, always amazing those close to him with his ability to inspire. This short paper offers a glimpse into four areas of research where Gerd’s imprint has been particularly distinct, intertwined with personal recollections of the authors, and with comments on those of Gerd’s personal characteristics that make his research perspectives so appealing to others.