A Fuzzy System for Three-Factor, Non-textual Authentication

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Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 591)


As text-based authentication has had its critiques, non-textual techniques have been suggested throughout the last two decades. However, it is only lately, with the wide-spread adoption of smartphones and tablet devices that they have found a compelling application. Non-textual authentication may be faster and more secure and it also introduces a new paradigm for the authentication decision. We present a three factor system based on facial recognition, gesture and device ID and we define a fuzzy matching engine to handle authentication. Preliminary results indicate that such an approach can be fast and user-friendly.


Fuzzy matching Authentication Biometric recognition Gesture recognition Multi-factor 



This work was supported by Enterprise Ireland and carried out under the intellectual property of Sensipass Ltd. Patent Publication No. WO/2012/164385 Method and Computer Program for Providing Authentication to Control Access to a Computer System, Roman Sirota (UA), Michael J. Hill (US) and Thomas R. Ruddy (US).


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