Event Monitoring Software Application for Production Planning Systems

  • Andrés BozaEmail author
  • Beatriz Cortes
  • Maria del Mar Eva Alemany
  • Eduardo Vicens
Part of the Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering book series (LNMIE)


In a company, unexpected events may affect the planning production system. These events should be identified and analysed with the aim of evaluate their impact and make (or not) decision about the on-going production plan. This paper submits an event monitoring software application based in expert systems for planning production systems (1) to identify and describe events that generate incidences in the system (2) to define alert criteria and (3) to check periodically the production planning system to identify possible incidences.


Event management Decision support system Production planning system Expert system 



This research has been carried out in the framework of the project PAID-06-21Universitat Politècnica de València and GV/2014/010 Generalitat Valenciana.


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  • Andrés Boza
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    Email author
  • Beatriz Cortes
    • 1
  • Maria del Mar Eva Alemany
    • 1
  • Eduardo Vicens
    • 1
  1. 1.CICIP. Centro de Investigación Gestión e Ingeniería de la Producción (Research Centre on Production Management and Engineering)Universitat Politècnica de ValènciaValenciaSpain

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