Morphology and the Cyclic Evolution of Danube Delta Spits

  • Alfred Vespremeanu-Stroe
  • Luminiţa Preoteasa
Part of the Coastal Research Library book series (COASTALRL, volume 12)


This chapter is about the sand spits formation in relation with the evolution and morphology of the Danube mouths and deltaic lobes, developed within the general framework of the virtually tideless Black Sea basin in a medium-wave energy environment. It deals with both barrier spits and islands, in respect to their processual development as most of the Danube delta spits derive from former barrier islands. The morphodynamics of the modern spit barriers associated to Danube mouths is discussed in relation with human induced fluvial discharge decline and long-term storminess variability. Regarding the Danube delta evolution, based on the morphology, internal structure and revised chronologies, the authors argue for the first time that all open-coast deltaic lobes had or have an evolution marked by the cyclic development of sandy barrier spits and islands in front of their downdrift units.


Cyclic evolution Danube delta Black Sea 


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