Boryl Anions

Part of the Topics in Organometallic Chemistry book series (TOPORGAN, volume 49)


This chapter focuses on the chemistry of boryl anions. The first section gives a brief history of boryl anion before the first isolated boryl anion equivalent, boryllithium, emerged. Synthesis and properties of all existing boryl anions are summarized in the second section. In the third section, examples of boryl–transition metal complexes synthesized from boryl anion reagents are presented. The following fourth section describes chemistry of boryl-substituted main group element compounds made from boryl anions. At the end of this chapter, the authors provide a summary and their perspective for related fields.


Boryl anions Boryl–transition metal complexes Boryllithium Boryl-substituted main group elements 



The authors acknowledge all the students, postdocs, and colleagues in our papers in the reference section, all friends whom we have discussed this chemistry, and all those who have provided funding resource.


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