PowerFactory Applications for Power System Analysis

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Estimation of Equivalent Model for Cluster of Induction Generator Based on PMU Measurements

  • Francisco M. Gonzalez-LongattAffiliated withSchool of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Loughborough University Email author 
  • , José Luis RuedaAffiliated withDepartment of Electrical Sustainable Energy, Delft University of Technology
  • , C. A. CharalambousAffiliated withDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cyprus
  • , P. De OliveiraAffiliated withThe Energy Institute of Simon Bolivar University

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The induction generator (IG) is widely used in many applications due to its simplicity and ease of operation. Typical applications involve the following: split-shaft micro-turbines (SSMT), mini-hydro (MH), and fixed-speed wind turbines (FSWT). The accurate knowledge of the machine parameters is especially important in order to establish the performance of the IG as well as to directly affect its operational and control characteristics. The problem of IG parameter estimation results specially complicated to solve when a cluster of IG is interconnected to create of virtual power plant (VPP). Then, it is desirable to have an effective method to estimate the parameters of an equivalent model for a cluster of IG (which does not require detailed definition of the power plant structure and parameters) by using novel digital measurement equipment such as phasor measurement units (PMU) in transmission and distribution networks. This chapter presents a method for the estimation of an equivalent model (named as EqMCIG App) for a cluster of IG, based on the response to a system frequency disturbance. The performance and robustness of the method are evaluated using two different test systems where the EqMCIG is identified using the variable metric method (VMM). Numerical results demonstrate the viewpoint and effectiveness of the proposed methodology. This chapter have three main contributions: (i) Performing “parameter estimation” using ComIdent command (ii) The use of DSL model on model parameter identification (composite Frame, block definition—BlkDef) (iii) Use of a “Measurement File” object (ElmFile) as inputs variables.


Fixed-speed wind turbines Generator modeling Induction machine Parameter estimation