Energy Exchange in the Regular Cyclic Oscillatory Systems. Spatial Localization of Vibrations

  • Iosif VulfsonEmail author
Part of the Foundations of Engineering Mechanics book series (FOUNDATIONS)


When designing machines with increased length of technological processing zone, it is necessary that the oscillations of long working bodies are close to the in-phase ones. Failure to do so leads to the occurrence of undesirable dynamic effects in addition to the various defects of the products. In such cases, it is necessary to suppress the spatial energy localization of the oscillations, when in certain sections, the strict dynamic regularity of the system is violated and the occurrence of clear extremes in oscillatory shape modes often appear. The exchange of vibrational energy between the external source and subsystems of cyclic mechanism is studied. It is shown that the work done by gyroscopic forces inside of the kinematic cycle may give a negative “damping” effect and increased vibrational activity of the drive. Methods of eliminating this effect are considered as well.

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