Beyond SIFT for Image Categorization by Bag-of-Scenes Analysis

  • Sébastien ParisEmail author
  • Xanadu Halkias
  • Hervé Glotin
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 318)


In this paper, we address the general problem of image/object categorization with a novel approach referred to as Bag-of-Scenes (BoS). Our approach is efficient for both low semantic applications, such as texture classification and higher semantic tasks such as natural scenes recognition. It is based on the widely used combination of (i) Sparse coding (Sc), (ii) Max-pooling and (iii) Spatial Pyramid Matching (SPM) techniques applied to histograms of multi-scale Local Binary/Ternary Patterns (LBP/LTP) as local features. This approach can be considered as a two-layer hierarchical architecture. The first layer encodes quickly the local spatial patch structure via histograms of LBP/LTP, while the second layer encodes the relationships between pre-analyzed LBP/LTP-scenes/objects. In order to provide comparative results, we also introduce an alternate 2-layer architecture. For this latter, the first layer is encoding directly the multi-scale Differential Vectors (DV) local patches instead of histograms of LBP/LTP. Our method outperforms SIFT-based approaches using Sc techniques and can be trained efficiently with a simple linear SVM. Our BoS method achieves \(87.46\,\%\), and \(90.35\,\%\) of accuracy for Scene-15, UIUC-Sport datasets respectively.


Image categorization Scenes categorization Fine-grained visual categorization Non-parametric local patterns Multi-scale LBP/LTP Dictionary learning Sparse coding LASSO Max-pooling SPM Linear SVM 


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  • Xanadu Halkias
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  • Hervé Glotin
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  1. 1.DYNI Team, LSIS CNRS UMR 7296Aix-Marseille UniversityMarseilleFrance
  2. 2.DYNI Team, LSIS CNRS UMR 7296Université Sud Toulon-VarLa GardeFrance
  3. 3.Institut Universitaire de FranceParisFrance

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