AR as Digital Ekphrasis: The Example of Borsuk and Bouse’s Between Page and Screen

  • Robert P. Fletcher
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With the development of ubiquitous computing, the Web 3.0, and the so-called “internet of things,” the implications of augmented reality (AR) for our understanding of digital storytelling and posthuman subjectivity have begun to preoccupy a number of cultural theorists and artists. AR routinely elicits ambivalent responses of fascination and fear. This uneasiness recalls one that has been attached to the rhetorical trope of ekphrasis, the verbal representation of a visual representation. Augmented reality offers a platform for developing and understanding the complexities of what Cecilia Lindhé has termed digital ekphrasis, and the AR text Between Page and Screen, by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse, exploits this digital ekphrasis to examine the metamorphosis of posthuman subjectivity in an age of pervasive data.


augmented reality digital storytelling ekphrasis electronic literature 


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