Two-Way Communications Through Firewalls Using QLM Messaging

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Nowadays, organizations make a point of protecting the confidentiality of their data and assets using firewalls, proxies and NATs, which goes against providing a high level of data usability and interoperability between distinct information systems, or “Things” in the so-called Internet of Things. Such security procedures often prevent two-way communications between nodes located on each side of the firewall. Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM) messaging has been introduced as a messaging standard proposal that would fulfill the requirements for exchanging the kind of information required by an IoT. In this regard, the QLM piggy backing property proposed in that standard makes it possible to achieve two-way communication through a firewall. This property is introduced in this paper, along with the first proofs-of-concept.


Internet of things Quantum lifecycle management Intelligent product Network security Piggy backing 


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