Integrated Measurement for Cross-Platform OpenMP Performance Analysis

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The ability to measure the performance of OpenMP programs portably across shared memory platforms and across OpenMP compilers is a challenge due to the lack of a widely-implemented performance interface standard. While the OpenMP community is currently evaluating a tools interface specification called OMPT, at present there are different instrumentation methods possible at different levels of observation and with different system and compiler dependencies. This paper describes how support for four mechanisms for OpenMP measurement has been integrated into the TAU performance system. These include source-level instrumentation (Opari), a runtime “collector” API (called ORA) built into an OpenMP compiler (OpenUH), a wrapped OpenMP runtime library (GOMP using ORA), and an OpenMP runtime library supporting an OMPT prototype (Intel). The capabilities of these approaches are evaluated with respect to observation visibility, portability, and measurement overhead for OpenMP benchmarks from the NAS parallel benchmarks, Barcelona OpenMP Task Suite, and SPEC 2012. The integrated OpenMP measurement support is also demonstrated on a scientific application, MPAS-Ocean.


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