Leadership in Surgery

Part of the series Success in Academic Surgery pp 29-47

Are You Ready to Be a Leader? The Ontology of Leadership

  • Juan Carlos PuyanaAffiliated withDepartment of Surgery, Critical Care Medicine and Translational Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Email author 
  • , Timothy BilliarAffiliated withDepartment of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh

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This chapter is our first attempt to introduce the ontological basis of being a leader in the setting of training surgeons; the distinctions shared here and the resemblances between teaching how to become a surgeon and how to allow young individuals discover by themselves what it takes to be a leader may not necessarily apply to all circumstances. Whenever possible we will continue to move freely between these two parallels not with the intention of confusing the reader, but certainly with the idea of taking advantage of the fact that most of us who stand on the left side of the operating room table while we let someone younger and less experienced operate under our responsibility are in a unique position to distinguish what it means to perform as our “natural self-expression”.

In the following sections we will share with you a number of distinctions that given under the methodology on the ontology of leadership are designed to provide actionable access to leader and leadership. We are concerned specifically with the nature and impact of being when being a leader.