Memory-Based Logic Control for Embedded Systems

  • Václav DvořákEmail author
  • Petr Mikušek
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 325)


Implementation of logic control algorithms in embedded systems is limited by space and response time. Use of a single look-up table (LUT) for multiple-output Boolean function is almost always excluded due to the LUT size. The paper deals with implementation in a form of cascade of smaller LUTs with response time given by a series of few look-ups. Cascade length and memory required to store LUTs can be varied and it is shown that an optimal trade-offs can be reached. Changes in logic control can be implemented easily by re-loading data into LUTs. The presented method is thus useful for logic control in embedded systems or in microcontroller software.


Logic control Multiple-output logic functions Look-up table (LUT) cascades Embedded systems 



This research has been carried out under the financial support of the research grants “Natural Computing on Unconventional Platforms”, GAČR GP103/10/1517, and “Security-Oriented Research in Information Technology”, the research plan MSM0021630528.


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