Implementing Sustainability and Social Responsibility Initiatives in the Higher Education System: Evidence from Spain

  • Manuel Larrán
  • Francisco Javier AndradesEmail author
Part of the World Sustainability Series book series (WSUSE)


Sustainability and social responsibility issues in higher educational institutions have attracted increasing levels of attention from both the public and policy makers in recent decades. This study analyzes the level of implementation of sustainability and social responsibility issues by Spanish universities in different areas (e.g. curriculum, strategic planning, practices, barriers or drivers and reporting) in order to find out their engagement with the higher education for sustainable development. Key findings show the slow rate of progress of many Spanish universities with regard to implementing sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, a fact which could indicate that there are clearly a number of obstacles to overcome. Barriers that compromise sustainability and social responsibility initiatives in higher education can stem from a lack of institutional policies, research networks or administrative structures to promote and coordinate sustainability and social responsibility at universities.


Sustainability Social responsibility Spanish universities Curriculum Strategic planning Policies Barriers Drivers Reporting 


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