Erratum: Iterative Most Likely Oriented Point Registration

  • Seth Billings
  • Russell Taylor
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Algorithm 1, Line 5: The denominator term in the expression for estimating σ 2 should be 3n rather than n, i.e., σ 2 is the average square residual distance of the match positions divided by the spatial dimensionality: \(\sigma^2 = \frac{1}{3n}\displaystyle\sum^n_{i=1}\| {y_{\text{p}i}}- T({x_{\text{p}i}}) \|_2^2\)


Figure 2: Please see below for the corrected version of this figure. A bug in the script used to generate the original figure resulted in mis-plotting the values corresponding to the IMLOP algorithm. Note that the corrected figure strengthens the conclusions of the paper, i.e., the registration accuracy of IMLOP is better than previously shown and IMLOP detects the inaccurate registration outcomes more robustly than previously shown.

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Fig. 2. Corrected version of Figure 2

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