Symbolic Existence in Hugh MacColl: A Dialogical Approach

  • Juan Redmond
Part of the Studies in Universal Logic book series (SUL)


In this paper, we present a dynamic dialogical interpretation of the notion of symbolic existence proposed by Hugh MacColl in 1906 in his book Symbolic Logic and its Applications. We begin by analyzing how MacColl presented the notion in the framework of his symbolic logic, which includes nonexistent objects. Then, from the perspective of dialogical logic, we propose a logical interpretation of the notion of symbolic existence implementing a dynamic quantifier and a dependency predicate inspired by the artifactual theory of Amie Thomasson. This allows us to show how the ontologically symbolic character of an entity may be understood as it relates to its possible existence and in a pragmatic context.


MacColl Existence Dialogical logic 

Mathematics Subject Classification

03A05 01A60 03B99 


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  1. 1.Instituto de FilosofíaUniversidad de Valparaíso and ConicytValparaísoChile

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