Provocation as a Constructive Element in the Arts and in Education to Foster Societal Development and Innovation: Experience and Knowledge as Forms of Social Relations

  • Barbara Putz-Plecko
Part of the Arts, Research, Innovation and Society book series (ARIS)


The essay puts the new in art and the notion of cultural innovation into relation with the apparatus of creativity of a western consumer culture and with an understanding of innovation that is at the economic-technological heart of our capitalist society. It examines the social figure of the creative individual and his or her position as a role model in the context of creative industries and creative cities. It raises the issue of expectations connected with this concerning forms of artistic education and pleads in favor of an academic space for mutual exchange that is alive and, in the best sense of the word, provocative. Included here, in the spirit of exchange, are examples of projects that present artistic methods of research from a broad range of current practice at the University of Applied Arts, practice that places itself in contexts of meaning quite different from those of the dominant economic rationale of utilization.


The new in art Cultural innovation The social figure of the artist The artist as a role model for the New Economy Qualities of provocation The essence of innovation Imperative of creativity Culturalization of the economy Economization of culture Cultural entrepreneur Creative industries Creative cities Aestheticization Increasing precariousity Gentrification Critical and divergent art practices Schools of thought Art education and social agency Potentiality Spaces for thought and action Provocative communities Artistic research Experience and knowledge as forms of social relations Good way of living 

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