• Alexander Damianisch
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The heterogeneous challenges the undisputed. Phenomena that question the unspoken do exist; they do so by mirroring the core values of society. Describing this, Michael Foucault developed the term “heterotopia”; these are places beyond hegemonic circumstances. Universities have been addressed as such places. But a revision of this concept is required as there is an option for a more lively reading beyond dichotomy, meaning that there is a possibility to challenge critical interaction. Art can play an essential role in this; the notion of poesies can provide this, making the heterotopos heterotopoetic, making the undisputed eloquent, uncovering the hegemonic and thereby formatting the core values of society. The Art University is the very space of heteretopoetic development challenging the outside and inside in a permanent flux.


Art Universities Bottom up against Top down Creativity  Competences Extensions Formation Freedom Governmental responsibility Heterotopies Impact Institutional challenges In flux Opposition Poetics Potentials (incl. Space and Time) Reflective Responsibility Serendipity The New Unexpected Universities Visionary Innovation Applied Art Education Research 

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