SPAGHETtI: Scheduling/Placement Approach for Task-Graphs on HETerogeneous archItecture

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We propose a new algorithm, called SPAGHETtI, for static scheduling tasks on an unbounded heterogeneous resources where resources belongs to different architecture (e.g. CPU or GPU). We show that this algorithm is optimal in complexity O(|E||A|2 + |V||A|), where |E| is the number of edges, |V| the number of vertices of the scheduled DAG and |A| the number of architectures – usually a small value – and that it is able to compute the optimal makespan. Moreover, the number of resources to be used for executing the schedule is given by a linear time algorithm. When the resources are bounded we provide a method to reduce the number of necessary resources up to the bound providing a set of compromises between the makespan and the size of the infrastructure.


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  2. 2.Inria, LaBRIFrance

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