Guiding Probabilistic Logical Inference with Nonlinear Dynamical Attention Allocation

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In order to explore the practical manifestations of the “cognitive synergy” between the PLN (Probabilistic Logic Networks) and ECAN (Economic Attention Network) components of the OpenCog AGI architecture, we explore the behavior of PLN and ECAN operating together on two standard test problems commonly used with Markov Logic Networks (MLN). Our preliminary results suggest that, while PLN can address these problems adequately, ECAN offers little added value for the problems in their standard form. However, we outline modified versions of the problem that we hypothesize would demonstrate the value of ECAN more effectively, via inclusion of confounding information that needs to be heuristically sifted through.


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  1. 1.OpenCog FoundationHong Kong
  2. 2.Novamente LLCUSA
  3. 3.Adams State UniversityUSA
  4. 4.iCog LabsHong Kong
  5. 5.School of DesignHong Kong Poly UHong Kong
  6. 6.University of WashingtonUSA

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