Fluidic Platforms and Components of Lab-on-a-Chip devices

  • Christiane Neumann
  • Bastian E. RappEmail author


In recent years the distribution of Lab-on-a-chip devices as well as micro-total analysis systems in applications such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, microsystems technology, or clinical diagnostics has increased significantly. In order to allow multiple assays to be carried out on this devices components that enable fast tests and quantitative measurements are needed. The first systems which fulfilled these requirements were paper based devices. The development of these systems was based on chromatographic techniques. The basic principle is already known as so termed spot tests since the 1930s. The trend to take more and more applications out of the laboratory to the user started the development of a large number of platforms for point of care devices. These platforms can be driven by different ways, e.g., pressure, capillary flow, or electro kinetic effects. Complex applications need additional fluidic components such as pumps, valves, sensors, or mixers. In this chapter different fluidic platforms as well as fluidic components will be described. Applications of platforms and integrated components are exemplarily demonstrated by means of case studies.


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