Development the Hand Color Detection System for Hand Gesture Front of the Face

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In recent years, Intuitive style operations and the user-friendly operations are necessary for the future computer interaction. HMD and camera devices are usually used on those style systems and research. For beginner operators, HMD is easy devices at anywhere and anytime. But there are some problems. Especially, the hand detection is difficult. The hand area has specific dynamic colors. It is not robust for illumination change and individual difference of flesh color. For those problems, our research selects the color distribution of hand area for the gesture operations. Our method renews color distributions dynamically about hand areas by the characteristic tracking. This method has robustness at illumination change and individual difference of flesh color. In addition, this method runs only processing of tracking area. It cuts calculation cost. The implementing the proposal method has an advantage at real time.


HMD User interface Cognitive exercise therapy Hand color detection 


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