Stratified Layer Systems

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Samples, which are homogeneous in the resonator plane, can be modeled as acoustic multilayers. The deformation pattern is a plane wave. Thin films exposed to air behave as predicted by Sauerbrey. For somewhat thicker films, there is a viscoelastic correction scaling as the square of the film’s mass. For films exposed to a liquid, the viscoelastic correction is independent of thickness. If the layer is soft, the correction can be substantial, even for molecularly thin films. Under certain conditions, the film’s elastic compliance, J f ′, can be calculation from the ratio of ΔΓ and (–Δf). Thick films display a film resonance.


Slip Length Simple Liquid Resonator Surface Sauerbrey Equation Polymer Volume Fraction 
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Definition (Comments)


As an index: apparent


Slip length


Acoustic slip length (Eq. 10.7.5)

Speed of (shear) sound (\( \tilde{c} = (\tilde{G}/\uprho )^{1/2} \))


Thickness of a layer


Thickness of the resonator (\( d_{q} = m_{q} /\uprho_{q} = Z_{q} /(2\uprho_{q} f_{0} ) \))




As an index: film


Resonance frequency at the fundamental (f 0 = Z q /(2m q ) = Z q /(2ρ q d q ))


As an index: Film Resonance

\( \tilde{G} \)

Shear modulus


Limiting storage modulus at high frequency

\( \tilde{J} \)

Shear compliance (\( \tilde{J} = 1/\tilde{G} \))

\( \tilde{k} \)

Wavenumber (\( \tilde{k} = \upomega /\tilde{c} \))


As an index: liquid


Mass per unit area


Mass per unit area of the resonator (\( m_{q} = \uprho_{q} d_{q} = Z_{q} /(2f_{0} ) \))


Overtone order

\( \tilde{r} \)

Amplitude reflection coefficient (reflectivity, for short)


As an index: reference state of a crystal in the absence of a load or reference frequency for viscoelastic constants (Eq. 10.4.1)


As an index: Surface


As an index: Slipping Layer



\( \hat{u} \)

(Tangential) displacement

\( {\hat{\rm{v}}} \)



Width of a fuzzy interface (Sect. 10.8)


Point of inflection of a segment density profile (Sect. 10.8)

\( \tilde{Z}_{liq} \)

Shear-wave impedance of a liquid (\( \tilde{Z}_{liq} = (\text{i}\upomega \uprho_{liq} \upeta_{liq} )^{1/2} \))

\( \tilde{Z}_{L} \)

Load impedance


Limit of integration range (Sect. 10.8)


Acoustic wave impedance of AT-cut quartz (Z q  = 8.8 × 106 kg m−2 s−1)

\( \upbeta^{\prime},\upbeta^{\prime\prime} \)

Power law exponents (Eq. 10.4.1)

\( \Gamma \)

Imaginary part of a resonance frequency

\( \updelta \)

Penetration depth of a shear wave (Newtonian liquids: \( \updelta = (2\upeta_{liq} /(\uprho_{liq} \upomega ))^{1/2} \))


As a prefix: A shift induced by the presence of the sample


Polymer volume fraction (Sect. 10.8)

\( \tilde{\upeta },\upeta \)

Viscosity \( \tilde{\upeta } = \tilde{G}/({\text{i}}\upomega ) \)



\( \hat{\upsigma } \)

(Tangential) stress

\( \hat{\upsigma }_{s} \)

Tangential stress at the surface, also: “traction”


Relaxation time


Angular frequency


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