Humanizing the Enterprise

Delivering Best in Class User Experience to Business Software Users
  • Janaki Kumar
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To deliver best in class user experiences to business users, design practitioners need to consider not just the user interface of applications, but the end-to-end customer experience. The enterprise software industry is undergoing a transformation as users ex-pect simple, easy-to-use experiences from their business software. However, to deliver on this expectation, enterprise software vendors face three primary hur-dles: The complexity of their customer’s information technology land-scapes, Complexity of business processes in their customer’s organizations, and Lack of design skills in customer’s IT organizations. This paper describes these changing expectations and unique challenges in enterprise software user experience design. It outlines the user experience strat-egy that SAP, a leading enterprise software company, SAP, has developed to overcome these challenges, and deliver best in class user experiences to business users.


User Experience UX Strategy UX Management UX Leadership Customer Experience Human Centered Design Information Technology 


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