Simulation of Wireless Sensor Network for Flood Monitoring System

  • Manal Abdullah
Conference paper
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Monitoring environmental disaster such as flooding is highly improved using ICT. Deployment of sensor networks to monitor physical environment is one of the most important applications for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). In this paper, we model and simulate flood monitor case in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Using OMNET++ simulator , we employ Direct Diffusion DD routing protocol to operate flood case.. We first have developed one of the well-known sensor network protocols which is DD. Then, we evaluate the performance of our simulated case by computing several statistics including power consumption, end-to-end delay, throughput to measure the availability and scalability of the network and decide the best possible configuration that well monitor our case. Our results determined that the best sensor network configuration for flood monitor system in the area of interest is 135 sensors with memory capacity of 80 to 120 message entries.


WSN Flood control Direct Diffusion Discrete Event Simulation OMNET++ 


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  • Manal Abdullah
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  1. 1.Faculty of Computing and Information Technology FCITKing Abdulaziz University KAUSaudi Arabia

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