TSV Design Applications: TSV-Based On-Chip Spiral Inductor, TSV-Based On-Chip Wireless Communications, and TSV-Based Bandpass Filter

  • Khaled Salah
  • Yehea Ismail
  • Alaa El-Rouby
Part of the Analog Circuits and Signal Processing book series (ACSP)


This chapter presents a novel design and characterization of the spiral inductor based on through silicon via (TSV) technology. An equivalent lumped model is introduced where this model is based on physics and takes into consideration TSV nonlinearities and skin effect.

A highly accurate closed-form expression for the TSV-based spiral inductor equivalent inductance is presented. This closed form is the first in literature. Moreover, this form is verified against a large number of electromagnetic (EM) simulations for different setups and shows excellent agreement with < 5 % error.


Design Applications On-chip Spiral inductor Wireless communications Bandpass filter Quality factor Self-resonance Far field Near field Coupling coefficient Localization Crosstalk Communication distance Transceiver Resonance Accumulation Depletion Inversion 


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