Since 2009, Sony DSC-HX-1 received a honor of “Best Super zoom D-camera ”, in Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) Awards 2009[1]. In fact, Sony HX-1 is recognized not only having a 20x optical super zoom lens, but offering plenty intelligent video effects. It can be a new trend to judge current DSLR-like camera, such as Fujifilm FinePix HS10 received the same Award 2010[2] with same honors again. Theoretically, it is a new intelligent integration technology for video virtually reality, which provide multiple platform users for video camera, video game, and mobile phone all together. Administers from variety of fields begin to think how to integrate some hot-selling video scene effects from all possible mobile video products, developing this “dazzling” virtually reality (VR) imagination beyond limitation, to attract more potential consumers, which can be vital for small businesses, such as: photo and cell phone companies, to survive in the future. In our experiment, we collect more than 300 cases from the telephone survey during September 2013 to December 2013. Total of 212 cases comply with the conditions. To probe mainly into the relationship between new generation video effects confidence level and 3 potential consumers: Amateur Photographer (AP), Senior Photographer (SP), and college student (CS). That is the reason what we are probe into this highly competitively market with brilliant creative design, and hope to offer an objective suggestion for both industry and education administers.


Augmented Reality CyberCodes Fiduciary marker High Dynamic Range Smart AR Visual Perception Wireless Sharing Technique 


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