The focus of this presentation is to go through all the aspects that are being covered during the works on the implementation of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) [1] on Smart Phones, the scope, the status of the current implementation and upcoming developments where the Cloud4all [2] project is working on.

Since The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure aims to become an international standard, one of the biggest challenges of the GPII project is to support all those devices that are using, and will use in the future, the technologies around the Smart Phones. This initial implementation is coming from the Cloud4all project, which has bet on the Android platform to demonstrate the features that the GPII will offer to us on every device that could run Android on it, either a Smart Phone, or Tablet, or DigitialTV, etc, and will serve as inspiration for future implementations on other Smart Phone platforms such as the popular iOS and Windows Phone, or the emerging Firefox OS, Tizen or Ubuntu Touch.


Accessibility Internet Access Health Social inclusion Cloud Mobility 


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