Change Management and the Human Factor

pp 19-31


The Human Role Within Organizational Change: A Complex System Perspective

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Although complex systems have been part of organizational studies for several decades, research have only shifted significantly in recent years. This paper is based on existent work on complex systems and particularly on the research about power-law distributions. Through this research stream, we propose that organizational change becomes more explainable. Furthermore we suggest that the human role within organizational change will have a strong influence on the change process, and therefore it is necessary to research the distribution of the human network to improve the change process. Distinguishing behavior in a human network following the power-law distribution or normal distribution will lead to different approaches towards the change process. Interestingly both distributions point to opposing actions. Based on this, understanding the human role within a complex system will be essential for observing the dynamic interactions within an organization, and thus understanding the human network within organizational change.