Frequency Control in Microgrids

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This chapter reviews main control concepts in a Microgrid (MG) as basic elements of future smart grids, which have an important role to increase the grid efficiency, reliability, and to satisfy the environmental issues. The MG control loops are classified into local, secondary, global, and central/emergency controls. Then, the MG frequency response model is analyzed using the root locus method and the impact on each distributed generator on the frequency regulation is discussed. A generalized droop control for control of frequency (and voltage) in an MG is introduced and, finally, several intelligent/robust control methodologies are explained.


Microgrid (MG) MG structure MG control DG Microsource MG central controller (MGCC) Point of common coupling (PCC) Load controller (LC) PV Wind turbine Distribution network Distribution network operator (DNO) Local control Global control Secondary control Frequency response model Stability Diesel generator Energy storage system (ESS) Fuel cell (FC) Flywheel energy storage system (FESS) Root locus Droop control Generalized droop control ANFIS Intelligent control 


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