Boundary Survey Research

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Research is the first step in the performance of a boundary survey. A surveyor will not generally begin to have an appreciation of the level of difficulty of a particular survey until the research is well under way. Prior to beginning research, the surveyor has usually met or talked with the client regarding the client’s requirements. Because it is the surveyor’s duty to set boundary markers based on the record description, it is good practice for the surveyor to ask that the client furnish the legal description of the property that is to be surveyed. Sometimes clients do not have or cannot find a copy of their deed so the surveyor will need to obtain it from the recorder’s office. Depending on the requirements of the particular boundary survey, the surveyor will, at a minimum, need to obtain copies of the deeds of all abutting properties. The surveyor will also need to get copies of any plans of nearby properties and any street layouts that affect the client’s property. Before we discuss methods of legal research we need to have an understanding of the nature of real property and deeds.


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