How Lean Management Tools are Supported by ERP-Systems: An Overview

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation book series (LNISO, volume 8)


An increasing number of ERP providers offer support of Lean Management in their software. As part of a larger research project this article gives an insight into which elements of Lean Management are already covered by ERP-systems. More than 150 different functionalities within the ERP-systems that support Lean Management were identified. Not surprisingly production planning, scheduling and pull principles are supported by most of the functionalities, followed by performance and visual management. A detailed analysis of a selection of five ERP-systems showed that they have more than 50 % of the functionalities in common. But they are less realized in the basic system but in up to 13 different modules with the focus in production.


ERP-system Lean management Lean ERP Toyota production system SAP 


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