Spring School of Spectroscopic Data Analyses: Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of B, A, F and G-type Stars—Introduction

  • Katrien Uytterhoeven
Part of the GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences book series (GEPS)


Several aspects of astrophysics require accurate atmospheric parameters and abundances. A powerful way of retrieving information on a star’s effective temperature, surface gravity, rotation rate, and chemical composition is through the stellar spectrum. This spectroscopic school aims at training researchers in performing spectral analyses, with the motivation of recruiting manpower to join the project on a systematic characterisation of Kepler Main Sequence pulsators, for which a collection of low-, mid-, and high-resolution spectra is available for more than 1,000 asteroseismic targets of spectral types B, A, and F.


Stars: fundamental parameters Stars: abundances Stars: general 



KU acknowledges financial support by the Spanish National Plan of R&D for 2010, project AYA2010-17803.


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  2. 2.Departamento de AstrofísicaUniversidad de La LagunaLa LagunaSpain

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