Optical Properties of Wurtzitic Semiconductors and Epilayers

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We review the optical properties of bulk wurtzitic semiconductors. Reflectance and photoluminescence features are related to the crystal symmetry; selection rules for the optical process are introduced as well as the concepts of fee excitons and exciton-polaritons. The problem of the long-range Coulomb interaction in anisotropic uniaxial crystals is treated. Finally we discuss photoluminescence as an efficient tool for diagnosing doping in bulk semiconductors.


Valence band ordering Reflectivity rydberg series Resonances selection rules  excitons Polaritons Continuum of states Spin exchange interaction Valence missing electron Spin-flip Exciton-polariton  transverse wave Longitudinal wave Longitudinal transverse splitting energy Optical reflectivity GaN Strain fields Compression dilatation Oscillator strength Group velocities  density of state M-plane A-plane Orthorhombic GaN Excitonic dissociation Matrix representation Excitonic binding energy in GaN Aluminum nitride Strain fields in aluminum nitride Excitons and Polaritons in AlN Optical properties of bulk zinc oxide Optical properties of zinc oxide heteroepitaxies Polaritons in ZnO Excitonic binding: the influence of anisotropies Axial symmetry Wave functions Numerical approach Temperature effects Temperature effects in bulks Red-shift Epilayers versus bulks Photoluminescence free excitons free carriers intrinsic recombination Lineshape fitting Full width at half maximum Bound excitons and extrinsic recombination processes Chemical shift Localization energy Donor acceptor pairs Poisson’s law Huang-Rhys factor Yellow band Two electron transitions Non rigid quantum rotator Selection rules for two-electron transitions Two electron replicas photoluminescence spectra Semiconductor alloys Bowing parameter broadening Chemical disorder and potential fluctuations Localization mobility edge Photonic effects in films Quantization of polariton modes 


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