Composition of Learning Routes Using Automatic Planning and Web Semantics

  • Ingrid-Durley TorresEmail author
  • Jaime Alberto Guzmán-Luna
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 313)


This article describe how to combine automatic planning techniques and web semantics technology to organize, design and customize (personalize) by composing learning route objects for e-learning. The purpose of automatic planning is an unanticipated creation of a sequence plan subordinated to learning objects (i.e. learning route) which is attained from other pre-existing objects (i.e. composition); on the other hand, the paradigm of web semantics is used to deal with the significant heterogeneity expressed among a diversity of mental models of faculty members, students and authors of their own learning objects.


automatic planning web semantics e-learning 



This work is funded by the Project 205010011129 “Web Intelligent Systems Group—SINTELWEB. Support for strengthening research groups or artistic creation 2012”. Sponsored by Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín.


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  • Ingrid-Durley Torres
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    Email author
  • Jaime Alberto Guzmán-Luna
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  1. 1.Master in Engineering and Ph.D Student, member of SINTELWEB research group at the School of Systems the Universidad Nacional de ColombiaMedellínCampus
  2. 2.SINTELWEB Research GroupUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaMedellínColombia
  3. 3.School of SystemsUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaMedellínColombia

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